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566 Frames

566 Frames

Dennis Wojda's enchanting history of his family from Russia via Sweden to Poland. featuring Jimi Hendrix, Abba and a baby with glasses!



The second Borderline Press release is a chillingly graphic collection of stories about the dead who walk... Featuring a host of creators – known and unknown – Zombre is 20 tales guaranteed to make your flesh crawl and keep your lights on at night (or maybe off, just in case the zombies see your lamp...)

City Of Crocodiles

City of Crocodiles

Coming in March: Knut Larsson's City of Crocodiles

Hunger House

The Hunger House

When Fredi and Elsa are forced to live with foster parents after the death of their mother, they encounter more than they bargain for, when, in direct defiance of their new guardians, they explore the old haunted house with shattering repercussions.

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Zombies Can't Swim

What would you do if there really was a zombie apocalypse? San Francisco-based writer/artist Kim Herbst's debut comic answers that question. Set in semi-rural Japan and armed with just samurai swords can the star-crossed lovers survive?

Seth And Ghost

If a very popular TV show and comic book had been produced by us this is what it would have been like.

Verity Fair

Who is Verity Bourneville? She's a bit-part actress and occasional drunken buffoon, with sticky-out ears, a heart of gold and too many miles on the clock, in search of a decent role and a good night's sleep.


Spoko - pronounced: Spoh-koh. Issue No:1 - Birds. The phoenix from the ashes - four tales in a square format, 48-page, comic. Jamie Lewis, Tomas Kucerovsky, Sylwia Restecka and more.

566 Frames Launches Borderline Press in October

Published 9/4/2013 12:00:00 AM by Glenn Carter

The breakout Eastern European graphic novel of 2012 is about to become the most important English language graphic novel launch of 2013, as new publisher Borderline Press brings Dennis Wojda’s brilliant story to a wider audience!

The story goes that Dennis Wojda, already an established comics creator in Poland, decided to do something ambitious; he decided to tell the story of his family – a sort of graphic Who Do You Think You Are? He opted to do it on his webpage and planned it out to 366 panels or frames – one for every day of a year and one extra. It was hugely successful and as its popularity grew so did interest from Polish publishers. The problem was the 366 frames of the story didn’t really fit into any publishers’ idea of a graphic novel – not enough pages. So they asked him if he could expand it for a book version. Dennis had agonised for weeks before starting the project because he was going to either cut the vivid stories of his ancestors’ lives or just omit some of them altogether. The publisher asking for more frames meant he could cover everything he wanted to, the right way and with due respect and deference. 366 frames of story initially became 566 Kadrow and now is 566 Frames -  a comic book with a real heart!

Measurements: 139 x 202 x 25mm - Pages: 292   -   2 Colour  -  £15.95 / €18.50 / $23.95


About Borderline Press

This is the launch title for the new publishing house from Phil Hall, the award-winning creator/editor of the internationally revered Borderline Magazine and respected news and features editor in the 1990s for the magazine Comics International. The publisher’s intention is to produce high quality material from all over the world as well as producing their own material by 2015. Based in the comics industry’s spiritual British home of Northampton, Borderline Press aims to put quality first.


Dziennik Gazeta Prawna (Polish daily NEWSPAPER, circulation 145.000 copies)

Jakub Demianczuk:  Wojda's comic is closer to magical realism ... Truth is mixed with fiction and fantasy.  It's all about family roots, the elusiveness of individual memory and the freedom to create one's own private myths.
One of the best comic books I've read.

Przekrój (Polish weekly with a circulation of 52.000 copies)

Dominika Weclawek:  566 Frames could easily be compared to jazz, not because it's about music  although music is essential in the story, [because] Wojda had to improvise like a jazz musician while working on the story. The result is an excellent book. A gallery of original characters, made of flesh and blood...

Duzy Format (a weekly extra section of Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland's biggest daily with a circulation of 305.000 copies)

Wojciech Orlinski:  In his graphic novel Wojda does the same thing as Eisner in "A Contract with God" – a [historical] biography.  Poland has no less fascinating stories of immigrants to tell than Brooklyn. Wojda's story goes back to the 19th century when Poland was occupied and divided by Imperial Russia, Prussia and Austria. It shows the complicated history of his grandparents in times when one needed pure luck and superhuman strength to be able to survive wars and massacres.  What a joy!

Chimera (Poland's leading literary review magazine)

Szymon Holcman:  An extraordinary tale of a family's fate spread over a period of nearly 150 years. In the background events such as the February Revolution in Russia, World War II, the Warsaw Uprising and a Jimi Hendrix concert take place. Despite the real history, the most important things are the characters – the author’s great-grandmother and great-grandparents, aunts and uncles, close and distant relatives. To use the hackneyed phrase ‘the author brings life to his characters’ isn’t exactly true as they are real; but this is exactly what Wojda does for the reader.
Did his dad really conquer Stockholm with his psychedelic meatballs? Did he hang out with Bergman, Hendrix and the embryo of Abba at a party? Was his great-grandmother really a witch, and did his mother possess a flying car? The answers to these questions are not really important. What is important is the fact that he has created one of the most interesting (Polish) books in recent times. A funny and touching story that ends far too early – after merely 566 frames.


About the author: Dennis Wojda

Born in Stockholm in 1973, Dennis Wojda is the writer of three successful and critically acclaimed comic books published in Poland. As a writer he has collaborated with some of Poland's top illustrators and his work has been published in many magazines and anthologies. Awarded the Grand Prix twice at the Polish International Festival of Comics, Dennis lives with his family in Warsaw, where he works as a designer and occasionally makes plum jam and rides a kick scooter.

Also by Dennis Wojda:
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For more information about Dennis, Borderline Press or future releases or to order this or any other Borderline Press product, please use our contact page.

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