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566 Frames

566 Frames

Dennis Wojda's enchanting history of his family from Russia via Sweden to Poland. featuring Jimi Hendrix, Abba and a baby with glasses!



The second Borderline Press release is a chillingly graphic collection of stories about the dead who walk... Featuring a host of creators – known and unknown – Zombre is 20 tales guaranteed to make your flesh crawl and keep your lights on at night (or maybe off, just in case the zombies see your lamp...)

City Of Crocodiles

City of Crocodiles

Coming in March: Knut Larsson's City of Crocodiles

Hunger House

The Hunger House

When Fredi and Elsa are forced to live with foster parents after the death of their mother, they encounter more than they bargain for, when, in direct defiance of their new guardians, they explore the old haunted house with shattering repercussions.

Zombies Can't Swim Banner

Zombies Can't Swim

What would you do if there really was a zombie apocalypse? San Francisco-based writer/artist Kim Herbst's debut comic answers that question. Set in semi-rural Japan and armed with just samurai swords can the star-crossed lovers survive?

Seth And Ghost

If a very popular TV show and comic book had been produced by us this is what it would have been like.

Verity Fair

Who is Verity Bourneville? She's a bit-part actress and occasional drunken buffoon, with sticky-out ears, a heart of gold and too many miles on the clock, in search of a decent role and a good night's sleep.


Spoko - pronounced: Spoh-koh. Issue No:1 - Birds. The phoenix from the ashes - four tales in a square format, 48-page, comic. Jamie Lewis, Tomas Kucerovsky, Sylwia Restecka and more.

City Of Crocodiles

City of Crocodiles

By Knut Larsson Published: 4/28/2014 12:00:00 AM

"Sebek, Egyptian god, depicted with crocodile head, adorned with a sun disk and ram horns. Sebek is thus a sun god. He is sometimes called Isis and combats Osiris's enemies. In this capacity, he may be said to coincide with Horus. His cult is very old and had its centre in Fajum, whose capital city of the Greeks called Krokodilopolis or the City of Crocodiles."

- Nordic Family Book (1916) Swedish encyclopedia


"Are you prepared for the world to come, when global warming and rising sea levels submerge and transform our planet into someplace strange? After the whole landscape is flooded, cattle-farming has been replaced by crocodile-hunting to make into shoes, chess pieces, soup, burgers, ornaments and more. Stranger still are the masked cultists who tie the living beasts to their backs for ritual combat, and a siren with a crocodile tail who seduces a widower fisherman. Reading Knut Larsson's imagistic myth-making feels like a hypnotising dream. Immerse yourself in this speechless, soundless 'crocotopia' and you will find its silence is brimming over with eloquence and elegance."   – Paul Gravett, January 2014  

City of Crocodiles - wordless and world-less - Coming from Borderline Press in May 2014.

Download more information (PDF) here..

Crocs Page


City Of Crocodiles - Interview with Knut Larsson

Published 2/14/2014 12:00:00 AM

B: Can you tell us a little about Knut Larsson? KL: Well, I'm an artist, comic book creator and recently also a filmmaker. I like good coffee, beautiful books, old films and Märklin trains.   B: City of Crocodiles - what was the inspiration for it ...

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