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566 Frames

566 Frames

Dennis Wojda's enchanting history of his family from Russia via Sweden to Poland. featuring Jimi Hendrix, Abba and a baby with glasses!



The second Borderline Press release is a chillingly graphic collection of stories about the dead who walk... Featuring a host of creators – known and unknown – Zombre is 20 tales guaranteed to make your flesh crawl and keep your lights on at night (or maybe off, just in case the zombies see your lamp...)

City Of Crocodiles

City of Crocodiles

Coming in March: Knut Larsson's City of Crocodiles

Hunger House

The Hunger House

When Fredi and Elsa are forced to live with foster parents after the death of their mother, they encounter more than they bargain for, when, in direct defiance of their new guardians, they explore the old haunted house with shattering repercussions.

Zombies Can't Swim Banner

Zombies Can't Swim

What would you do if there really was a zombie apocalypse? San Francisco-based writer/artist Kim Herbst's debut comic answers that question. Set in semi-rural Japan and armed with just samurai swords can the star-crossed lovers survive?

Seth And Ghost

If a very popular TV show and comic book had been produced by us this is what it would have been like.

Verity Fair

Who is Verity Bourneville? She's a bit-part actress and occasional drunken buffoon, with sticky-out ears, a heart of gold and too many miles on the clock, in search of a decent role and a good night's sleep.


Spoko - pronounced: Spoh-koh. Issue No:1 - Birds. The phoenix from the ashes - four tales in a square format, 48-page, comic. Jamie Lewis, Tomas Kucerovsky, Sylwia Restecka and more.

Borderline Press

Publishing unusual, groundbreaking and stylish comics & graphic novels for the 21st century.

Mission Statement:

Borderline Press has a vested interest in making comics creators successful. Our model is simple – everyone wins! Achieving this depends on the creators, the fans, the retailers and the commitment of the publishing company – the more successful a book, the more money everyone makes.

Therefore we care about quality, but we also care about commercialism, about promotion and about all the links in the odd world of comics publishing and comics retailing.

Our aim is to produce a top quality product, where the readers clamour for more, the retailers sell out and we write hefty cheques to our happy creators. It’s simple.

Borderline Press and the Creative Community

We collect and publish existing projects, comics with no home, creators with no money, web comics, old comics – if we see potential in something, we will investigate ways of bringing it to a wider audience.

In the current climate, there are lots of people in comics all looking for, very little, work and the situation is unlikely to improve. Borderline Press is no different than other small businesses, we haven’t got bottomless pockets; we’re not in the position to pay artists, especially for work that already exists. But, we are in a position to offer creators a far better ‘back-end’ deal than any other small publisher. Our accountant has worked out a business model that, if successful, is good to and for every part of the industry and isn’t loaded in favour of the publisher...

We’re prepared to pay for every aspect of production and promotion and give a creator the majority of the profit; if you want money up front as well, good luck with your comic at other companies or via private/public funding. We complete every deal with a contract that spells everything out simply and without legal jargon – we want you to feel you can trust us with your comic!

We have big plans and we’d like you to be part of them.

For more information about us, click here.

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